What has a toilet got to do with jewellery?

Have you ever had that dilemma? The one where you have dropped something down the toilet and you are debating whether or not to retrieve it? I felt my ring slip off my finger, a ring I loved and I was pondering this very decision when two thoughts occurred to me; firstly, this would never of happened if the ring fitted me properly (it was a little big for my ring finger but a little snug on my middle one so I wore it on the ring finger) and secondly, was it not a reflection of how valuable was something to me that I would possibly recover it from the toilet.

I have reflected on these concepts a little, starting with the importance of well fitting jewellery. I mentioned the ring was a little big, but I wore it anyway. The toilet dilemma highlighted to me one of the perils of wearing jewellery that isn’t a perfect fit, and although it is not the most compelling reason I believe to have well fitting jewellery it made me realise again the benefit of having something handmade. Like clothing and shoes, if it fits perfectly, then it sits where you want it to, stays put and you feel more comfortable and confident. I usually get things adjusted if needs be when I buy them but it’s not always possible, now as a maker I am delighted if someone wants an alteration. Some people are hesitant to request changes, they don’t want to make a fuss or be a nuisance but I want my jewellery to fit perfectly so that the wearer feels comfortable, confident and loves their choice.  I recommend to you all no matter the product, if it’s possible to alter its specification to your taste, needs, fit then do it, you will enjoy your purchase so much more.

Considering how we decide the value of something whether that be in financial terms, how much we might miss it (I definitely know people who have not hesitated in this dilemma for their smart phones) and any emotional ties it might hold for us. Jewellery in particular, although it can be a significant purchase in terms of cost, and maybe missed if it’s something we wear frequently, I thought that it would be the emotional ties a piece might have that determines if we are foraging in the u-bend for its salvage. There are so many ways individual to each of us that our jewellery forms part of the narrative of our lives, places we’ve been, people who are dear to us, ways we express our personality to mention just a few.  Think about a couple of your most treasured pieces, why are they so dear to you?

I perhaps won’t take up the concept of toilet dilemma as an advertising campaign but I would be thrilled if someone valued a Snowflake Designs piece enough to rescue it. Luckily for me, before coming to a decision over my own dilemma of the ring, I noticed it on the floor and crisis was averted – now I’m off to get it adjusted!

Have you ever had that dilemma? The one where you have dropped something down the toilet?.. Tweet it!

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