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For many of us, there's a story or meaning behind some of our most treasured things, whether that is a photo frame, piece of clothing, a cup and of course jewellery. Naturally I wear a lot of Snowflake Designs jewellery, however, I have been drawn to jewellery since I was a child and starting to build up my collection long before Snowflake Designs was born so I thought I'd share with you some of the stories behind a few pieces from my jewellery box. It was difficult for me to narrow it down to the five below as so many of the pieces I have are sentimental to me largely because of the people that I associate with them. In fact I had not realised how much jewellery has been given to me as gifts over the years. It has been fun to look through my jewellery and reminisce, It has been like travelling to far off places and seeing old friends. I hope you enjoy discovering my pieces as much as I did in picking them out :)

This brooch was a Christmas present from a very close friend. The shape and the style immediately made me think of Indian jewels, and although my friend does not wear this style often herself, she has some Indian heritage so it was fitting for me to unconsciously make this association. What I love about this piece is the contrast of the graphite toned grey gems against the gold setting, there's something about the warmth of the gold tones surrounding the cool resilient grey that for me makes this a very modern piece when the style is more classic. Although the colours are quite neutral, the sparkle of all the stones is quite powerful so I tend to wear this with muted clothing and allow the brooch to be the key style statement.

Bought from a street vendor in Cadiz whilst travelling in Andalucia many years ago, these bright patterned earrings can't help but catch the eye. The main body of the earrings are made from coconut shells and despite the simple materials they have lasted a very long time. I love the mesh of the Moorish heritage of Andalucia with the Spanish culture, from an aesthetic view there are so many things to appreciate in the region; the ancient tiling, the architecture and grace of the flamenco dancers. I was travelling with a friend that I have known since childhood, and she also bought some earrings from the same vendor in a different shape & colour so not only do I associate them with the place but also my friend. 

A gift for a special birthday (am not revealing which one!), this was given to me from another childhood friend. Two things delighted me when I tried this on, firstly - the fit! I have large wrists and I need fitted bracelets to be bigger than the standard size, and my friend had already accounted for that and had requested for the size to be adjusted when it was made so it fits me like a glove (all of this without my knowledge!), and secondly was the weight of this bracelet; usually I prefer my jewellery to be very light and to not feel like I'm wearing it, however this bracelet is rather heavy and yet for some reason I really like that about this piece.

Several years ago I took on a new role at work that required me to spend a lot of time with a new team based in Israel. I was sent to work with the new team as an expert in my field and train the new team in some of the skill areas. At the time I was quite daunted by the task, as that area of the business was new to me, I was new to the country so that was unfamiliar to me and yet I was expected to be knowledge resource to the team. Whilst I was exploring Tel Aviv one weekend I bought this necklace, I was drawn by the shape and the smoothness of the surface which is coated in a type of resin. I am a massive fan of textures, whether smooth, rough, uneven, soft I love experiencing different textures. This piece reminds me of a time when I felt uncertain about my abilities and yet not only did I have success professionally but a lot of great memories too!

This final piece, was also a gift for a special birthday - I was very lucky that birthday in particular and received some beautiful pieces as gifts! The two gorgeous wire flowers are separated by a satin covered flexible wire which is approx. 60cm, so it can be worn around the neck, the wrist or the head. Also the wire can be coiled tightly to wear as a brooch or hair accessory. The colour of the metal is very contemporary and really stands out against my dark hair. I really enjoy that every time I admire this piece I think of my friend who gave it to me, she is very dear to me.


 I could tell many more stories about the jewellery in my personal collection and the people and places they come from but what I'd love to hear about is your jewellery, the stories of why some of your pieces are important to you. If you'd like to share please feel free to post here on the blog or my facebook post or on Instagram, remember to tag me and if you use #mySFDstory then I'll see them all :)

What does your jewellery say about you?

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