Was 2016 a good year?

Happy New Year! One thing that I love about new year is that I think even if it’s short lived it brings hope, I like the concept that it’s a clean slate; it’s a chance to think about what you want to achieve / be / do and it feels like it’s all possible. Here at Snowflake Designs we will use January to plan for the year ahead, but before we dream up all the things we want to do (and we dream up a lot!) I would like to take a moment to share with you our highlights from 2016:

My favourite thing is meeting customers & receiving feedback. Here’s a couple extracts of messages I received during 2016 from customers:

“my daughter opened her present you made her and she loved it! Lots of smiles and then tears..it was such a special moment”

“my onyx necklace is fabulous, my partner loved it and I had many compliments at work”

Now we looking forward to what 2017 will bring and are hoping that includes seeing some of you x


Our favourite moments from 2016


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