La Vie en Rose... Quartz!

Called ‘the love stone’ Rose Quartz has enjoyed a spot in the limelight recently, not solely for jewellery but also as an ingredient in cosmetics & fragrances. Despite this modern appetite for Rose Quartz, in fact it is believed that it was used as a face mask ingredient by the ancient Egyptians. Additionally other ancient civilisations associated Rose Quartz with Goddesses of their cultures, particularly those with a focus on love.

Discover the beauty of 'la vie en Rose Quartz'

Found in many parts of the world, Rose Quartz is not specific to a particular geographical region, although as with all naturally occurring materials, the beauty is in the variations in appearance from one stone to another that makes each one unique.  The chemical composition accounts for differences in colour, ranging from a milky pale pink through to a more deep red-pink

I chose to use Rose Quartz in some of my designs (check the Rose Quartz in Chakra Collection) primarily for its beauty, I love the softness of the colour, the semi-translucency and the markings throughout each stone. Once I learned the history and associated meanings, this deepened my appreciation for this bewitching feminine stone.  My personal preference is to pair Rose Quartz with Rose Gold, there is something about the harmonious blend of these two materials that bring out the beauty in each other; although silver and Rose Quartz make a very pretty combination also.

Rose Quartz is associated with heart chakra, it is believed to open the heart to love, all different kinds of love, including self-love, romantic, familial and friendship.  It is considered to have a calming yet happy energy that can help bring emotional balance. Whether or not you believe in the healing properties of crystals, the mythologies and intended meanings behind them can add a layer of significance when choosing for someone else.

As you can see by board, Rose Quartz is extremely versatile, whether that is using the stone directly, or inspiring interiors, textures, clothing and an endless array of beautiful things. I invite you to explore the images and let them inspire you.

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