Amethyst, the birth stone of February

 Amethyst is a well known gemstone ranging from a pale lilac to deep intense purple colour. Found in many areas around the world, in particular Brazil, Siberia, South Korea and Zambia have well known mines and provide large quantities of the world's Amethyst. It is the birthstone for the month of February and has many associated properties some of which date back to the Ancient Greeks. In fact the Ancient Greeks used to carve goblets from Amethyst as they believed that it prevented drunkenness.

Throughout history Amethyst has been used either to prevent over-indulgence or to protect the wearer. One of the uses was in the rings of religious figures which were then kissed by others to protect them from being corrupted by mystical powers.

Considered a healing gemstone, Amethyst is considered to be soothing and stimulate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras which are associated with intuition, wisdom and meditation. Used by practitioners of meditation today, it also has a history of being used for this purpose as Tibetan monks have been known to make prayer beads from Amethyst.

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My favourite are darker shades of amethyst, I love the depth of the colour and the way that the stone glints of rich purple when the light shines on it. Whether you prefer a pretty lilac tone, a deep purple tone or something in between, there's a shade of Amethyst to suit all tastes. For all of you with birthday's in February then Happy Birthday and given it's myriad of protective and soothing properties then I hope you have some Amethyst in your life. You can click here to see the Amethyst pieces from Snowflake Designs

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