The first order to a customer to the US

Today I have sent my first order to a customer in the US - I even remembered to change the spelling to US version! As you can see this customer ordered Rose Gold with Rose Quartz drop earrings. Making up the order includes of course the jewellery, but also making up a box for which I also use rose gold wire to decorate it and adding a little card to illuminate the significance of the semi-precious rose quartz stone. The final element is to include some information about what the earrings are made of and how to keep them looking lustrous, which comes bound (in rose gold wire of course!) with a jewellery polishing cloth. This all gets packed in a decorative paper bag and then shipped in a bubble-lined envelope for protection. When it arrives at its destination the customer will have fun peeling away the layers to discover all of the contents of their package.

I love making and packing up orders no matter where they are going, so far I have sent jewellery to UK, Australia and now the US - wonder where will be next? :-)

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