Many countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day in some form, the most commonly during early May. In the UK Mother’s Day falls three weeks before Easter Sunday, this is because although celebrating Mother’s Day as we do today was influenced by its popularity in the US, many centuries ago there was a tradition in the church to celebrate Mothering Sunday that was mostly centred around visiting your ‘mother church’ i.e. the one you were baptised in or consider as your home church. Although the practice of Mothering Sunday had died out long before Mother’s Day became part of the UK calendar it took the same date as the old Mothering Sunday tradition.

Despite originating in different centuries, and being celebrated around the world on different dates there are some commonalities to how Mother’s Day is marked, the key ones being flowers and cake; it seems these are the universal emblems of treating mums. (side note - should the information ever be helpful to you – I’m also partial to these treats!)

When I was a child the typical sentiment for Mother’s Day was to do something nice for your mum that reduced her work for the day, so things like cook the dinner, do the housework etc. and a popular choice was what I think of now as the ultimate Mother’s Day wolf in sheep’s clothing: breakfast in bed! As an adult I cringe at the thought of how many well intentioned children have lovingly prepared breakfast in bed for their mum, only for this ‘treat’ to actually comprise of soggy cereal and luke-warm tea. I think my own mum has choked down some soggy cornflakes in her time whilst praising her thoughtful children.

As we grow up, we look to express our gratitude and love for our mum through treats and gifts. The era of the soggy cornflake gives way to flowers, cream teas, spa treatments and presents. Everybody is different in what they would appreciate as a treat or present, but for me, especially for an occasion such as Mother’s Day, I prefer to give a gift that is a luxury or indulgence, rather than buy something more utilitarian (such as something my mum ‘needs’) if possible.

For anyone who is considering a gift of jewellery for Mother’s Day, then my personal suggestion would be a piece made with Rose Quartz not only is the stone beautifully feminine, but it’s the stone of universal love which includes familial love so I find the sentiment very appropriate. Whether you want to honour someone significant in your life or are the recipient of attention and affection this Mother's Day, I hope your day is filled with love, maybe a few treats and hopefully no soggy cereal x

What do you like to do for Mother's Day?

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