Some things are universally tricky to do up by oneself, zips at the back of a dress, tiny buttons on sleeves and bracelets! The challenge lies in the fact that fastenings are either awkward to reach or hard to manage using one hand. As a jewellery designer my principle focus is on designing beautiful pieces for women to express themselves through, however, I had the idea of creating the Wavy Wand after watching a video that showed how someone used a paperclip to overcome the challenge of doing up a bracelet by themselves. Enjoy the video to see how it works, it can take a couple of attempts to master the art but once you have, you'll never struggle to do up your bracelet by yourself again.  


My Blog

May 25, 2018

On Location: Part One

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February 03, 2018

February Birthstone: Amethyst

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January 08, 2018

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August 22, 2017

Jewellery created with meaning

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July 28, 2017

A little helper...Wavy Wand

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June 04, 2017

A love of Pearls

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February 22, 2017

A treat for Mother's Day

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January 18, 2017

Was 2016 a good year?

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September 29, 2016

La Vie en Rose... Quartz!

by Charmaine

July 18, 2016

Why does 'Made with Love' matter?

by Charmaine

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